Do you feel like you don’t have enough time for quiet time?

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Become consistent in your daily devotions

Learn to study the Scripture

Finally feel equipped to grow spiritually


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My One Thing Alone is a unique membership that offers you:

  • Connector.

    Daily Devotional Prompts

    Receive both short devotionals and guided Bible study prompts so you can choose what works for you

  • Connector.

    In-Depth Bible Training

    Learn the Bible-study techniques used by pastors and theologians every week

  • Connector.

    Facebook Community

    Get exclusive access to a private community of like-minded women who love Jesus

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    Video Devotionals

    Watch weekly videos to orient your heart and mind in worship

Here’s what others have said:

Too many things have pulled me from my quiet time, but your study is helping me get back to the path I have always loved: spending time with Jesus.Sheree T.
I’ve really enjoyed taking a deeper look at one passage at a time. The FEAST method has been especially helpful. I feel that I’m being equipped to study Scripture on my own, which is very important to me.Amy F.
Your devotional prompts were God’s instrument in restoring my quiet time in a very busy season of my life. Thank you!Carla K.


We invite you to join our waiting list to be notified as soon as our doors open.

Special Pricing

Because we’re launching this in beta, we’re offering the very special price of $9/month. That’s less than two mochas!

The price is going up next year, but for now you can get this super-low founder’s price just for you. And together, we’ll shape this resource that will bless women around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

My One Thing Alone is different from any other online devotional sites out there. Instead of simply reading what someone else got out of their Bible time, you’ll actually be equipped to dig into Scripture and discover for yourself what God has to say to you. And over time, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of how the different books of the Bible relate to each other, and you’ll learn the Bible-study techniques that pastors and theologians use every week. Yes! You CAN!

With the snack-size and FEAST devotional options, you’ll be more consistent in your daily devotions because you get to choose how deep to go depending on how much time you have each day. From 2 minutes to 2 hours, you’ll be able to get time with Jesus in the midst of your busy life. And it’s ALWAYS worth it. Because when we draw near to God, He draws near to us.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have this all figured out yet, but SO MANY women have been asking me to create this. So I’m going to start this very simple, and I would love for you to come join me and help shape the future of what My One Thing Alone is going to look like. And because we’re launching this in beta, it’s going to cost just $9/month. That’s less than a mocha a week! The price is going to go up next year, but for now I want to offer this super-low founder’s price. Together we’re going to shape this and it’s going to be amazing.

The My One Thing Alone website is protected by a secure SSL certificate. Your connection to is private and encrypted and your payment information is securely processed using state-of-the art technology. We do not store any credit card information on our server.

You will be charged once every month until you cancel or until Jesus comes. You can cancel at any time and your account will be deactivated at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Your purchase of the My One Thing Alone monthly membership constitutes your agreement of our Terms of Service.

Dear Lord, thank You for welcoming us into Your presence. I pray for the sweet woman reading this right now. Would you meet her where she is and draw her closer to Your heart? Together, may we grow deeper in our knowledge and love for You. Fill us with the joy of Your presence. We love You. Amen